The Reason Why Enthusiasts Are Of The Opinion Taylor Swift And Dianna Agron Include Secretly Internet Dating

The Reason Why Enthusiasts Are Of The Opinion Taylor Swift And Dianna Agron Include Secretly Internet Dating

Gather a€?round, people, and allow me to reveal the story of two greatest blond women which may have outdated at one point.

Followers caught former Glee superstar Dianna Agron hearing Taylor Swifta€™s a€?Cardigana€? on Spotify on Oct. 26, even though which could perhaps not appear to be an enormous package, its to Swifties, because Agron and Swift happened to be rumored for outdated at some point.

On top of that, ita€™s rumored that Taylor had written songs about Dianna earlier, specially the tune a€?Wonderland,a€? which had been from their 1989 album.

Were Dianna Agron and Taylor Swift relationships? Ideas about their rumored love.

Continue reading for all the facts and concepts about Dianna and Taylora€™s rumored love, and just why enthusiasts think Dianna experiencing a€?Cardigana€? more fuels their own earlier union hearsay.

Dianna Agron and Taylor Swift comprise rumored having dated from 2011-2013.

Following the pair satisfied last year, Agron fueled romance gossip making use of a€?Look What You helped me Doa€? singer during a looks on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

When Kimmel expected if Agron would date Swift, she responded, a€?Wouldna€™t that be delicious?a€? right after which considered the digital camera, blew a kiss, and stated, a€?Hi, Taylor,a€? which threw enthusiasts into a complete madness.

In 2013, a Reddit individual published a screenshot of a tweet from Taylor that browse, a€?So You will find an inside provider at Glee who was simply all a€?watch tonight – wea€™re doing all your tune. I’m hoping that supply got best [smiling emoji].”

The Reddit user next continued to express:

a€?The tv series airs, and no Taylor tune will be read. and Taylor ultimately erases that tweet.

However, online (numerous lots of tumblrs and fan online forums) starting buzzing on overburden because inside the event Dianna Agron’s figure goes bisexual. Since Dianna was Taylor’s friend so there ended up being conspiracies they had been key couples (or at least group wished that), everyone is thinking that Dianna was actually obviously Taylor’s supply and deliberately got just wanting to connect their into view that episode private grounds. Or perhaps a scene with a track got slash.a€?

Lovers think Taylor Swifta€™s a€?Wonderlanda€? is all about Dianna Agron.

In an exceedingly detail by detail Twitter thread, a Taylor-Dianna buff laid out all facts that a€?Wonderlanda€? got written about Agron, which the two demonstrably have a secret union.

appropriate being viewed along in public several times and lots of internet dating hearsay their unique presumed separation happened someday in 2013, and taylor came out using record album purple, and soon after began writing for her further record album, 1989. you will find songs on both albums believed to be about dianna pic.twitter/VOcrzujdY6

a€” hannah (@foolsludd) July 3, 2020

Some of the lyrics inside the track integrate a€?fell along the bunny gap,a€? which had been title of Dianna Agrona€™s Tumblr blog, and a€?didna€™t your flash the green vision at me/ possesna€™t you heard what becomes of fascinated brains.a€?

Dianna enjoys green eyes, therefore the phrase a€?curiousa€? alludes to some other Alice in Wonderland resource a€” Alice in Wonderland is regarded as Agrona€™s favorite motion pictures and she’s got an Alice quotation inked on the, for this reason exactly why fans are convinced that a€?Wonderlanda€? is mostly about the celebrity.

A Reddit consumer touched by themselves theory regarding their reported romance, authorship:

a€?Wonderland: I feel along these lines one is no doublty [sic] about DA. This is what started initially to see me personally thinking seriously concerning the posts I’d study. Those of you that simply don’t know, DA had a tumblr profile called “down the rabbit hole” and had “all of us are mad here” tattooed on her behalf. DA has green attention. I additionally believe a€?Didn’t almost everything manage new and excitinga€™ could be relevant to stepping-out of the safe place of her sex.a€?

Who is a€?Cardigana€? about?

We might never know who Cardigan is mostly about however the undeniable fact that Dianna Agron had been caught enjoying the tune can make followers imagine it could be about the girl.

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Indeed, three records from the lady folklore record album inform an equivalent story about an adore triangle between pals: a€?Betty,a€? a€?Cardigan,a€? and a€?August.a€?

When Taylora€™s surprise album came out earlier in the day this year, lovers are believing that a€?Bettya€? was about a partnership with a woman a€” either Karlie Kloss, whoa€™s long been reported to own got a relationship with Swift, or Dianna Agron.

However, Taylor relatively put those gossip to sleep after she expose the a€?Jamesa€? image in a€?Bettya€? is compared to a heterosexual men.

Reddit people believe a€?Cardigana€? could possibly getting about former One movement performer Harry designs.

The two shortly dated for some months in 2012, and Taylor notoriously composed this lady mega-bop a€?I understood you had been Troublea€ iraqidate? about Harry Styles, along with various other music.

Okay thus hear me on. I’m obtaining close vibes from the Harry Styles slipping video clip and Taylor Swift’s cardigan audio video clip and coincidence it actually was revealed regarding the 10 year 1D anniversary? I THINK NOT.#taylorswift #cardiganmusicvideo #harrystyles #crying #Folklore pic.twitter/5A9lkJylZH

a€” Brianna (@briannam511) July 24, 2020

Whenever a€?Cardigana€? movie was launched, fans happened to be quick to indicate all of the similarities that paralleled Harry Stylesa€™ a€?Fallinga€? sounds video, also to tell the truth, ita€™s really hard to refute just how eerily similar the videos are.

Everybody knows Taylor Swift are a musical mastermind rather than really does some thing unintentionally, therefore it is sensible exactly why enthusiasts think Harry Styles may be the matter of Cardigan, rather than Dianna.

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