By submitting your content at Jumpers World, you agree with our terms and conditions as well as our policy of acceptable use.

Furthermore, you also abide by this statement:

I completely agree with the terms and conditions set forth by Jumpers World regarding the video submission and hereby grant Jumpers World intellectual property rights, title guarantee as well as any arising rights that are associated with the submitted content (regardless of the format in which it is submitted). In addition to that, I also affirm and agree, from the date of submission, that Jumpers World can use my video for any purposes from which it benefits itself. It can also use the content on any media that is yet to be invented and is in agreement with the terms and conditions of Jumpers World.

Please read carefully prior to submission.


Our terms and conditions, along with the privacy notice and other legal updates and notices which are published on our website, forms the entirety of the agreement between Jumpers World and you. If a court of law invalidates any of these terms and conditions due to an underlying reason, the validity of other provisions are still fully binding on the contributor.

The contributor shall not assume waiving of any/all of these terms and conditions due to some unsubstantiated reasoning. Jumpers World treats its contributors as one and the same. Each contributor is bound by these terms and conditions.

Jumpers World reserves the right to change or amend its terms and conditions at any time without prior notice to its users. It is the members’ responsibility to read and recheck these terms of service from time to time for limiting their liability in the future. Your continual use of Jumpers World after an update in our terms and conditions will indicate your abidance and acceptance of our revised terms.

Compulsions Regarding Registrations

Prior to submitting a video on our website, you are required to obtain a username and passcode. In return for activating your account on our website, you are obligated to:

  1. Provide current, accurate, true and complete information that is requested in the registration form.
  2. Maintain the personal details section in order to keep it current, accurate and complete. If Jumpers World feels that certain information is inaccurate or seems to cast suspicion on a contributor’s credibility, then it can terminate your account permanently. Jumpers World expects complete transparency from its users.


Subsequent to submission of the video, the contributor gives a consent to usage of personal information. All the information and communication between the contributor and Jumpers World will be considered as non-proprietary and non-confidential. Furthermore, the contributors are not entitled to any compensation for these contributions. For full privacy policy, please click here.


Jumpers World categorically holds no responsibility for invalid, incomplete, late, lost, misdirected and unintelligible videos submitted on its website. The person submitting the video guarantees identification of the person(s) appearing in the content. Furthermore, the person/group also gives consent to usage of the video or an image from it for future advertising endeavours by Jumpers World. This can include any range of media accessible to Jumpers World at this point in time or technology that is yet to be developed. The contributor will earn no percentage resulting from wide popularity of its content on the platform.

Furthermore, the contributors also guarantee that their submissions does not contain any property that belongs to a third party, of which they hold no ownership of. However, a written consent is required by Jumpers World if a third party approves of the content present in the contributors’ video. This is a prerequisite that needs to be fulfilled by the contributor with his submission. A video without an existing approval will be pending until a written consent is acquired.

No Compulsion to Use

Jumpers World is not obligated (implied or express) to use your submission (video) on its website if it exploits an existing submission or has dubious intentions of exploitation. Therefore, Jumpers World reserves the right to remove your content from its website, with or without legal justification. Also, the contributors are not permitted to claim any damages after this removal on any grounds thereof.

Requirements for Submission of Videos

You can submit video(s) at the Jumpers World website. Subsequent to submission of videos on our website, you are barred from uploading it to any other website, be it our competitors or independent video engines (YouTube, Dailymotion and others). You may, however, edit your videos from a third-party source for better results and higher quality. We recommend that the video should be in English, but it is not compulsory.

The videos pending submission should not:

  • Contain any promotional content for a particular brand, product and service.
  • Contain writing, music, artwork, photos not originally owned by the contributor.
  • Breach or tamper with another person’s or entity’s rights. This includes but is not limited to publicity, privacy, intellectual property rights, property, or copyright infringement of any existing copyrighted work, brand (regional and international), logos, designs and trademarks which the contributor has no ownership of.
  • Have content that promotes hate speech, racial discrimination, violent tendencies, defamation of an individual/company/group, bigotry, weapons, illegal drugs, sexism, alcohol, hatred towards a class, ethnicity, minority, individual, race, religion, age, lawful alien status, marital status, disability, creed, color, gender, sexual orientation and any such protected right.
  • Contain illegal content which violates the laws as well as terms and conditions of a nation or a state from where the video is submitted.
  • Have any form of sexually explicit content; this includes child, adult and animal porn as well as sexually stimulating photos to sensationalize your content.
  • Have messages which defaces the reputation of Jumpers World. To this end, Jumpers World reserves the right to determine the nature of your content and publish it in accordance with its terms of publishing.
  • Bear similarities, photographs, names and other relatable features that identifies with another individual (dead/living) without prior permission.


Every contributor, be it a person, group or a company has to confirm the following:

  1. The submission does not contain any form of computer virus or a corrupted file.
  2. The submission does not breach any national or international laws. Furthermore, it should not contain slanderous content and should the contributor should affirm no future litigation based on his/her contribution.
  3. All the contributors and/or other persons who have taken part in some capacity in their video have not indulged in an activity that may have/or could harmed another living entity. This can include emotional distress, mental and physical injury, disfigurement, disability and death. It should not pose a risk of damage or loss to property or living things and should not also constitute as a breach of law, non-consensual activities (activities that could be unlawful in your country and internationally), torturous conduct (which could lead to civil litigation) or breaches the rights of any given party thereof. All the contributors hereby give their consent to indemnify Jumpers World from any kind of lawsuits slapped by the third parties, along with actions, claims and proceedings that could arise from the claims of third party (ies) for demanding costs, liabilities, damages and expenses which could be related to wholly/ in part, indirectly or directly or due to any alleged breach of representations, warranties or contracts of the contributors hereunder.

Complete Transference of Rights

After submitting a video, the contributor gives a consent that his/her work is Work for Hire (WFH) in accordance with the copyright laws of Denmark. If that is not the case, then the rightful owner should completely transfer all the rights, interest and title of his/her entry which abides by the terms of fair use of Jumpers World.


After accessing the Jumpers World website, you categorically certify that you are using our content for purely non-commercial and personal purposes. Under no condition can you legally distribute or copy content from our website without prior authorisation. You are bound by the terms and conditions along with the acceptable policy use; you are legally bound not to share the username and password to any non-member(s).

Infringement of IP (Intellectual Property Rights)

You are legally bound to refrain from sharing, distributing, reproducing, copying, using, displaying, broadcasting, licensing, selling or exploiting the videos and/or services for self-beneficial purposes without written consent of Jumpers World.

You need to understand that while using the technique for shooting, you may also notice other techniques of shooting from a wide range of sources. However, Jumpers World will not be held responsible for their safety, usefulness or accuracy. You should also acknowledge that any such methods used by other contributors could be objectionable or inaccurate. Therefore, Jumpers World will not be held responsible for any legal pursuits undertaken after aping those methods for better results. The contributor should indemnify Jumpers World, its affiliates and licensors from any liability, punitive damages or remedies in this regard.

Permission for Publicity

After submitting a video, apart from other arising rights which are to be granted within the agreement between the contributor and Jumpers World, all the contributors should give a consent to Jumpers World and its successors, licensees and assigns, the right to use the contributor’s name, biodata, likeness in any/all media for any promotional purposes, thereby releasing Jumpers World from any liability in the future.

Grant of Rights

After submission of the video by the contributor, he/she should acknowledge that the said entry will be unequivocally owned by Jumpers World. Therefore, the contributor is expected to transfer the rights, title and interest and even copyright laws to us during the submission process. This protects us from any existing as well as any arising liability in the future that the claimant might pursue against us. The contributor has no say in the internal processes followed by us as the content is the legal property of Jumpers World. In a case where Jumpers World is unable to request as stated, it should not be perceived as a waiver of Jumpers World rights as it will request for the said assignment later on. In addition to that, Jumpers World reserves the right to morph, edit, composite, duplicate, scan and change the video for any purpose it seems beneficial for itself. To this end, it can use the content on any media it deems necessary, which includes but is not limited to computer, electronic media, digital media, audio-visual and audio media and technology that is yet to be invented, in any language, anywhere in the world and in any manner which it deems better suited to forward its own interests. This can include promotional, advertising, trade, commercial and other avenues it chooses along the way. In addition to that, Jumpers World may use your entry on its website or a third-party website to channelize audiences from different locations. Jumpers World exercises discretion in this regard. Every contributor should realize that he/she exercises no right in this process regarding where to publish the content.


With exception of where it is prohibited, the contributor should agree to:

  1. Any/all disputes, claims as well as causes of action that are related to submission of the video to be resolved individually. Under no circumstances the contributor is to resolve his/her dispute with a class action in the courts of Denmark. Should there be any conflict, it is to be resolved in accordance with the laws of Denmark.
  2. Furthermore, any/all claims, rulings and awards will be expressly limited to out-of-pockets costs incurred which includes costs related to video submission.

Under no circumstances the contributor is to seek attorney’s fees or even demand an award in regards with a claim. Furthermore, the contributor also waives any existing rights to incidental, punitive, indirect, consequential or other damage, as well as seek to multiply/increase the scope of these damages, apart from out-of-pocket expenditures. All queries and issues regarding the interpretation, validity, construction and enforceability of these terms and conditions will be governed and understood in accordance with the existing laws of Denmark.